About Us

Our Company

At MFPL the hallmark of our customer-driven culture is our passion for designing, fabricating and marketing customized world class products from the best Foam and PP hollow board. This vision unites us as a team every single day. We proudly share the exciting journey of our company which started on 7th July 2007 (07/07/07), when we bought over the infrastructure and rich heritage of a 16 year old mature Foam converting company.

To give our customers the best fabricated products we set high standards for our company work processes. Towards this end we make a commitment to deliver products with flawless design concepts matched with world class quality and reliability, all with the aim to create a special bond with our customers. A great product can be conceived only with a great mind and we are proud to have the best team who take great pride in their work, and take great care to deliver exceptional quality & services for our products. We are one of the leading companies in our industry and we live by the definition of success, “We win when the customer says we win.” We make a strong commitment to our customers, employees, partners and other important stakeholders and are proudly guided by our three principles in everything we do:

Our Management

Our management team shares a passion for customer satisfaction and a competitive spirit that drives us to excellence. Our core management team consists of first generation entrepreneurs Shri. Satyakam Desai and Shri. Chetan Shah, who are engineering and management experts, with more than 35 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing of specialty industrial products. The products includes hydro metrological & flood warning devices, large scale fabrication of heavy industrial units & equipments, technical foams etc. Our management is fully committed towards an ethical approach, with quality and innovation forming the backbone of everything we do or say. We have a fully implemented ERP system to ensure reliable & proper control on all our operations.

Our Technology

We at MFPL continue to develop innovative yet practical and cost effective technologies and production methods to achieve the best quality, which gives us large volume in foam & PP board fabrication work. To facilitate faster and reliable product development for customized products we have in house CAD centre and a well equipped test lab to carry out testes based on ASTM & PSTC standards. In continuation to our efforts to being one of the leading fabricators we use digital cutting technology for foam & PP, for prototyping and executing low volume precision jobs. We also have large size cutting presses, adhesive coating plant, Ultrasonic welding machines and various other equipments to cater to High volume production. Our unit is an ISO 9001:2008 Bureau Veritas certified organization. We are a CRISIL rated MSME unit. We are fully geared to offer VMI & JIT services to large OEMS. We can undertake self-certification process for direct on-line induction of our products into assembly line. We continue to create and leverage strategic global partnerships to source Specialty Foams and Adhesives and offer import substitutes to OEM customers. We are also establishing a cell within our organization to help the company identify and develop globally popular innovative fabrication technologies and products for Indian market like pallet sleeve systems, foldable crates/bins, special purpose adhesive tapes and foam products.

Our Commitments

We believe in acting responsibly and focus our efforts in important areas, including the environment by promoting returnable & recyclable packaging. We also educate our customers on product and its alternatives transparently. We are also committed to reducing waste and pollutants by using green technologies and raw materials.

Working towards our commitment to the society we work with underprivileged students and assit in making them self reliant as also offering on job training to budding fresher and students. .

• Quality:

A first priority at MFPL. As we expand our business in new markets we continue to emphasize our Quality first culture in our facilities, processes and products. Our philosophy lives in the heart of the development of each product and delivers the highest quality product each time every time. This is a major cornerstone of our promise to our customers.

• Innovation:

We challenge ourselves to be creative and lead in everything we do. From implementing the smallest improvements to executing big ideas, we are constantly increasing our competitive advantage to delight and excite our customers.

• Ethics:

We work toward creating client & suppliers’ confidence in us and a sense of joy in their decision to associate with our company. By growing our business and operating with the highest level of integrity, we will continue to deliver positive results.