Returnable Packaging

Why Returnable Packaging?

Leading companies in a wide variety of industries across the globe implement reusable packaging for the economic, social and environmental value that re-use provides across the entire supply chain. Reusable hand-held conČtainers, bulk containers and other transport packaging items are used for the efficient stor-age, handling and distribution of products throughout the supply chain

Reusable packaging products are manufactured and designed for multiple trips and extended life due to its durability. These products typically replace single-use transport packaging due to their reusable nature offering a rapid return on investment, lower cost-per-trip than single-use packaging products.

Our contribution to Reusable Packaging Applications

At Megatrend Fabcon Private Limited we have an excellent infrastructure and modern equipments to produce various products such as universal boxes, telescopic boxes, trays, postal boxes, crates, bins, separator sheet, etc. All reusable products from PP are made by us. These products are available in wide range of colours, sizes and profiles depending on the customer requirements and specifications. We give brief details of the various options as given below:

Profile Options

We offer various PP profile options to suit the customer specifications and applications.


Most commonly used profile which has a straight flute which has strength in vertical direction.


Possess wavy flutes which provide an improved strength in vertical direction


Innovative flute design results in more strength than F-type and S-type flutes at lower thickness.

Bubble guard

Hollow triple layer composite bubble structure from PP having equal strength in both directions


Provides static shielding and physical protection of ESD sensitive products which are used widely in electronics industry


Prevents damage to electronic components which are prone to electrostatic discharge while shipping or storage. It is also used by pharmaceutical industry, where dust free protection is required.

Add-On Options

We offer different added options/features to improve functional aspect of customized reusable products.


Various customized partitions are available in products offered by us to increase the storage space area within products to store multiple items

Foam Cushions

Protects fragile items while transport and storage as cushions serve the purpose of providing absorption against shock and vibrations. We can offer different types of foams as per the requirement of customer such as EPE (Expanded Poly Ethylene), XLPE (Cross-Linked Poly Ethylene), PU (Poly Urethane), antistatic and conductive foams cushions.


Products are available in both printed as well as non-printed textures.


We provide different accessories such as velcro, button, handle, belt and reinforced corners to suit the customer specific requirements.

We also make protective packaging articles from PP sheets for Steel coil manufacturers e.g. PP discs, PP wrapping rolls and edge board for large size coils up to 2000 mm Diameter.