Misc Products

Cut sheets

This foam sheet is designed to meet a broad array of end-users, applications and market needs.

It’s unique high coefficient of friction results in protection of products.

Features of Cut sheets

Low density and light in weight.

100% recyclable.

It is a chemically inert material.

Readily accepts labels and tapes.

Thermal and vapour transmission properties.

High melting point and superior flexibility.

Outstanding breathability, mildew, moisture and fungus resistance.

Benefits of Cut sheets

Unequalled protection for easily scratched finishes against vibration and shifting during transit.

Ease of use, reduction in labour and shipping costs.

Less negative impact on the environment.

Won’t tarnish or corrode sensitive metals.

Cost savings on expensive adhesives.

Relatively very easy to handle.

Enables the release of vapours while protecting against condensation and water damage.

Display Standees

This is a foam board for adding dimensions to P.O.P.’s and standees.

Its unique core produces tightly closed edges with a ‘pillowed’ dimensional effect.

It provides other interesting effects within an image such as embossing and debossing.

Features of Display Standees

Amazingly light weight.

Possesses crushable core.

Ultra smooth surfaces.

Double-clay coating.

Available in variety of sizes.

Benefits of Display Standees

Strong, durable and 100% recyclable.

Printable and reusable.

Customizable and labour saving.

Easy to assemble and weight bearing.


Educational Toys

The natural foam toys are available in various shapes and multiple colors making it attractive.

Attributes such as softness and flexibility make it relatively safe, tactile and bendable so children enjoy playing and learning with these toys.

These toys possess strength and durability.


Water durable - Closed-cell foam, non water-absorbing and moisture proof

Rot resistant - Sea-water, oil, acid and alkali durable, antibacterial, safe and non-polluting

Easy processing - Continuous, easy hot press shaping, casting, gluing and joining.

Shock proof - Good flexibility, anti-hardening, excellent shockproof and cushion capability.

Sound Insulation – Closed cell foam, good sound insulation property.

Heat preservation - Excellent heat insulation, anti-cold non-frosting and insulation enduring capabilities.


Boost creativity and improves thinking skills.

Develop maths and science skills thereby significantly increase children’s IQ level.

Open ended play with endless possibilities

Enhance children’s natural abilities.

Allow children develop deep understandings of mathematical and geometric principles.

Encourages interaction and quality time between child and parent.

Mouse Pads

A mouse pad also referred mouse mat is a surface for placing and moving a computer mouse.

A mouse pad enhances usability of mouse compared to position directly on table by providing a surface to allow tracking of LED or ball to measure movement accurately and without jitter.

Some mouse pads increase ergonomics by providing a padded wrist rest.

Types of Mouse Pads with Features

1. Different types of mouse pads are textured as per requirement of mouse comfort

Vinyl board cover is prominent because of its natural adhesion property.

Once steel ball was replaced by silicone rubber surface, popular fabric surface mouse pad was found to be most appropriate.

It helps to keep rubberized roller ball surface cleaner by providing better tracking, speed and accuracy than just a surface.

Pad surfaces accumulate dirt which is deposited on internal rollers that picked off ball movement.

Dirty rollers cause erratic pointer movement on screen.

Benefits of Mouse Pad

The use of mouse pads with precision surfaces eliminates spot jitter effects.

Higher speed, more precision and user comfort.

Keeping table desk surface from being scratched and worn by continuous rubbing mouse motion.

Reduction of collection of debris under the mouse, resulting in reduced jitter of pointer on display.

Modern mouse can function with acceptably high accuracy by provision of various foam pads.


Pouch is made from foams of plastic material such as polyethylene and is cost effective, flexible, all purpose answer to many packaging and non-packaging challenges.

It provides solution for cushioning, surface protection, abrasion resistance, blocking and bracing during shipment.

These include antistatic, laminated, low or high density usually available in pouches as well as rolls and sheets.

Features of Pouches

It is tear resistant in nature.

Possesses high cushioning and compression strength.

Having attributes such as flexibility and resilience.

Recyclable polyethylene foam.

Custom capabilities provide protection for most appropriate application.

Benefits of Pouches

Protection for heavy items and those with sharp edges.

Maintains thickness and minimizes shock and vibration during shipping and transport.

Easy to re-use, crushproof, non-abrasive and chemically inert.

Customers receive quality products while positively impacting the environment.

A wide product assortment allows users to choose the packaging most appropriate for the product that requires wrapping.

Anti-static, high density and laminated options to adhesive or cohesive film, craft paper, polyethylene films or foil are also available.

Roofing Profiles

It is designed for seal roofing and cladding profiles against dust, water and water vapouring.

It offers good mechanical resistance, durability, keeping with their flexible internal structure.

Features of Roofing Profiles

In-built water-vapor barrier and water-tight.

Anti bacterial and antifungal.

Very good mechanical resistance.

High tear break resistance.

No smell and no fogging.

Very good restoring properties.

Economical and easy to install.

Benefits of Roofing Profiles

Excellent fit with the roofing in color and geometry.

Effective work on site, cost and time saving.

Light and easy to handle.

Robust and easy to transport.

Custom orders possible.

Support for a high system lifeline.

Swimming Pads

It is higher density closed cell foam.

It provides impact resistance and superior and rigid protection.

Features of Swimming Pads

The pads are made from polyurethane foam so it is durable, safe and non-toxic.

It possesses excellent UV resistance.

Very good thermal insulation properties.

Ranges vary from soft and flexible to hard and resilient.

Light weight, non-corrosive and energy absorbing.

Moisture and chemical resistant.

Low water absorption values.

Reasonably less in cost.

Benefits of Swimming Pads

High strength to weight ratio.

Pleasing aesthetics and texture.

Low odour

Broad range of colours.

Material of choice for new applications.

Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are useful for preventing skin and body of people who exercise regularly.

Allows body to be uniform and in a relaxed position during aerobics and exercises.

Features of Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are nowadays made from foam to give more durability, long term usage and more holding capacity compared to normal cloth and cardboard-paper mats.

Textured neoprene is water resistant and helps to stabilize hands and feet in different postures.

Half inch or Quarter inch memory foam aids in support while providing comfort to practice.

The surface and stability of floor is still felt, but a comfort layer relieves pressure points (knees, elbows, hips, bones, etc.) this allows advancing in postures aiding in more complete practice.

A non skid proof EVA material stabilizes the mats preventing, slipping and sliding on studio floors.

Benefits of Swimming Pads

Helps alleviate pain from tendonitis, carpal tunnel, knee, back, hip and joint injuries.

Improves practice through added comfort, support and a unique design.

Helps protect wrists, knees, ankles, elbows and head.

Stabilizes the body and prevents from slipping.

Modern and extremely durable design for a classic yoga mat.

Perfect for beginners as well as advanced yoga students.


CD/DVD spiders are self adhesive Foam Dots which are used to attach CD's and DVD's to promotional items, literature or even the office wall.

High quality self adhesive backing means they can be applied to many surfaces and are ideal for all your needs.

Superior Adhesion

Soft Foam

Easy to remove from release paper

Attractive colors

Specifications :

Diameter : 15,5 mm

Thickness : 4 mm

Material : Special Polyethylene

Type : Plate Polyethylene


Foam Cap is made from High Quality Crosslinked PE Foam in Varity of attractive colours & designs. This kind of caps can be made in design as per customer’s need. This is a very good promotional item at very low cost.

Due to excellent visibility can help in promoting brand in any major event or gathering of children.

Soft Foam,

Light Weight


Attractive Colors

Tailor-made Designs

Foam Dots & Washers

What is it and where can I use it? (Description and Applications)

Foam Dots and washers are single-sided adhesive coated foam products incorporating a peel-able acrylic adhesive and high density foam for the protection and verity of uses including surface protection and washes in plumbing applications.

The low tack pressure sensitive peelable acrylic adhesive allows clean removal from glass, metal and PVC surfaces leaving no adhesive residue or ‘ghosting’ marks. The adhesive is UV and temperature resistant and will offer consistent bonding strengths and clean peel after prolonged periods in contact with the glass surfaces. The product is available in various grades for thickness and density of closed cell XLPE foam. This foam has been developed to offer excellent compression resistance and recovery even after high loading weights have been applied.

Specifically designed for the separation and protection of sheets of flat glass, sealed units and automotive glass in transit and storage, it is also used to aid protection during installation.

It is suitable to use with painted and pressed metal panels or similar surfaces.

Inter Locking Mats

The Inter Locking mats are made using high density Eva foam with soft core in the middle to offer maximum protection and reduce the jerk or strain .

Interlocking soft foam mats are properly tested on well-defined quality parameters to maintain high level of excellence and quality.

Available in multiple designs and patterns, interlocking floor mats provide maximum comfort to the users. The range of inter locking stable mats is durable, soft and eye-catching. We use vibrant color printing in these inter locking mats to make them more stylish. We also provide customization facilities to fulfill the needs of clients.

Inter Locking Mats are:

Easy to install - put together a floor in minutes with easy interlocking edges.

Nontoxic - Made from EVA foam, tested free of formamides, BPA, phthalates. No latex or fire retardants.

Cushioned - Comfortable to stand on, protects kids that are learning to walk.

Quality - We have been selling top quality foam mats since 1994.

Quick Shipping - Orders placed before 1PM EST M-F generally ship the same day.


Roof Gap Foam Filler is used as a filler between the ridge capping & the gutter in Metal Roofing to prevent ingress of small birds, insects, & dirt

Advantages :

Prevents ingress of water, small birds & insects.

Long life without embrittlement

Temperature retention properties

Excellent Flexibility Over Wide Temperature Range

Accommodates Thermal Movement

Typical Uses :

Roof Gap Foam Filler profiles are inserted at both the ends of sheet to prevent ingress of water & small birds

Laying Procedure :

The profiled block has to be laid on the purlin, & the sheets are to be screwed to the purlin at the eaves end. For the ridge capping the profiled block is to be placed on the sheet and is sandwiched between the ridge cap .

Technical specifications of product

Density : 60-70 kg / cum

Thickness : 20 mm / 25mm

Size : 35-250 mm, 40-215 mm, 8-190 mm (Any Size)

Color : White/ Black

Compression Set: 14%.

Working Temperature:-50 deg to +100 deg

Thermal Conductivity: 0.040 w / m C

Roof Gap Foam Filler can be customized to suit any profile.

Spacer Tape

Spacer Tape is a specialized load bearing PVC foam tape, designed to act as a spacing element between the IG (insulated glass) unit and frame during the assembly of structural glazing fabrications.

Main Application

Recommended for use as a spacing element in structurally glazed fabrications. Spacer Tape forms an effective short-term bond between the frame and the IG unit during assembly and creates a gap of the correct dimensions for the structural silicone, which is used as the primary bond.

Application Instructions

Surface preparation
Surfaces should be clean, dry and free from all contamination. The surfaces should be cleaned using an appropriate cleaner. Primers may be required on some substrates. It is recommended that Adshead Ratcliffe Technical Services should be consulted and advice obtained with regard to the choice of primer for specific purposes


Unwind the tape and apply the ‘open’ face directly to the frame. Cut to the required length forming tight butt joints at the corners. Press the tape firmly onto the surface by hand or by using a seam roller. Remove the protective liner immediately before glazing. Carefully position the IG unit onto the tape and apply pressure to consolidate the bond. The structural silicone can now be applied.

Foam Tapes and Gaskets

What is it and where can I use it? (Description and Applications)

Megatrend Fabcon Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of customized self-adhesive products, providing a variety of closed-cell and open-cell foam materials to practically every industry. The applications include gap sealing, cushioning, protection, insulation and noise absorption.

The different formats in which foam products can be supplied include tape rolls, pads, disks, sheets, washers, kiss-cut gaskets, die-cut profiles, etc. to suit special applications.

Some examples of the frequently processed foams are:

Cross-linked PE foam

Elastomeric nitrile foam

Irradiated cross-linked polyolefin foam

Open-cell PU foam

Major user industries are:

• Control panels Air conditioners AHU
• Diesel generators Air compressors Large equipment
• Machinery Automobiles Consumer durables
• Glass or stainless steel products   Gifting products

Technical Details

Material Cross-linked PE foam Elastomeric nitrile foam Irradiated cross-linked polyolefin foam Open-cell PU foam
Standard thick. (other thick. are also available, subject to qnty) 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 mm 3, 6, 9 mm 2, 3, 5, 6 mm 5, 10 mm
Standard colour Black (other colours also available, subject to quantity) black Grey/black Grey/black
Density 75 kg/ m3 ± 10% 60 kg/ m3 ± 10% 33 kg/ m3 ± 10% 32 kg/ m3 ± 10%
FR property Non-FR FR Optional Optional
Temperature range -70°C to +80° C -200°C to +115°C -70°C to +80° C -40°C to +100°C

Other things to keep in mind

MFPL offers complete primary packaging solutions and supplies all types of local and imported technical foams, foam laminates, air bubble film laminates, a variety of industrial tapes, customized foam products and HVAC insulation foams