Cushion Packaging

Why Cushion Packaging?

Cushion Packaging protects fragile products and components during shipment, handling and transport between same or different manufacturing facilities. Foam fabrication absorbs shock, provides insulation and prevents the products and components of various shapes and sizes when used as cushion. Whether packaging single or multiple, small, large, light or heavy products, we provide fit-for-purpose, cost efficient and sustainable packaging solutions.

The protective packaging guarantees cushion to the surface of items from damage from weather elements and because of jostling or handling by numerous people. Protective packaging secures an item internally, as well be designed to inhibit external tampering or theft.

Our range of packaging products is designed to provide the required amount of strength and protection to meet the physical requirements for desired applications.

Our Contribution to Foam Fabrication Applications

We at Megatrend Fabcon Private Limited possess excellent infrastructure and modern equipments to produce wide range of foam fabrications to suit specific requirements of customer in terms of protection of products while providing cushion packaging. Our range of foam fabricated applications to suit customer requirement are given below :


Packaging Fitments

These are fabricated foam inserts for providing surface protection against impact. It possesses excellent abrasion resistance and is available in single expandable fitment design to cover wide range of models without affecting cushioning characteristics. Develop anti-static fitments and foam covers to prevent development of static charge. This protective layer prevents moisture, oxygen and other material deposition on metal surface. Innovation in cushion packaging that protects the products from rusting and corrosion. Combined protective packaging with printed film is available for better strength and resistance against scratches. Cushion packaging with foam fitments can be provided with efficiency which results in improved performance in following applications such as monitors, television frames, electronic goods, industrial and automotive components, etc

Foam Cushions for Carry Cases

Carry cases retain and protect product while handling and available in foam fabricated inserts. It possesses good shock absorption capacity to prevent products from damage. Soft and flexible foam cushion used for carry cases provides resistance to drop impact and makes it easy to use. Ideally provides protection of delicate components. Foams used can be cut into desired complex and irregular shapes and sizes as per requirement.

Cut Sheets

These cut sheets have high coefficient of friction and thus provides protection against scratches and maintains superior flexibility. It is strong, durable, and reusable. low density and light in weight. Available in custom fabricated shapes, sizes and colours.


Pouches made from foam provides effective solution for cushioning, surface protection, abrasion resistance, blocking and bracing during shipment and transportation. Possess high tear resistance and compression strength. Flexible recyclable polyethylene foam which is easy to use, crushproof and non-abrasive. Foam fabrication in various shapes, colours and sizes can be provided.

Availability in Various Grades


EPE (Expanded Poly Ethylene) Foam

EPE is semi-rigid and non cross-linked foam. It possesses flexibility, light weight and impact absorption characteristics. Closed cell but not cross-linked structure. Waste can be recycled after grinding. Applications include packaging of fabricated component such as military, automotive, fragile products, sensitive electronic components, etc.

XLPE (Cross Linked Poly Ethylene) Foam

Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam possesses fine-cell structure for applications requiring thick foam. Available in fire retardant grade and waste is very difficult to recycle after grinding. It is effective in thermal insulation, construction expansion joints, industrial gaskets, etc. It is also used as packaging foam fitments for irregular and complex shape articles.

PU (Poly Urethane) Foam

Density enhances durability and its visco-elastic nature maintains its physical performance. Polyurethane foams are open cell foams which includes applications such as automotive pads and sheets, case inserts, sponges, seals and gaskets, packaging blocks, etc. Reticulated foams are special types of polyurethane foams where cell sizes; density level and porosity are key factors. This type of foams is mostly used in filters.