Adhesive Backed Products

Why Adhesive Backed Foam Products?

Adhesive backing on foam provides easy installation and improves productivity. High performance adhesive backed foams are mounted on devices/ variety of substrates, for quick and dependable method for intended application. It exhibits long term reliability due to superior adhesive quality. It is productive because it is easy to use, cost-effective and can be used under all weather conditions.

Adhesive backed foam provides support to products or components and can withstand very broad temperature range, provides greater design flexibility, more efficient production and improved performance. With dwell time, the adhesive bond continues to grow thereby conforming to surface irregularities. It is available in open-cell and closed cell foams. Foams can be cut in various shapes, sizes and designs depending on their application in the field of electronics, Electrical appliances, automobiles, various machineries, equipments and insulation, as seals and gaskets, etc.Adhesive backed foams fulfill functions such as thermal protection, anti-shock protection, sound protection, electrical protection, absorption of vibrations and anti-skidding.

Our contribution to Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Backed Product Applications (self – Adhesive)

(A) Foam parts & Tapes

Pressure-sensitive adhesives are non-structural adhesives well suited to grip mating surfaces immediately with slight pressure. We at Megatrend Fabcon Private Limited have an excellent infrastructure and modern facilities to produce the customized self adhesive foam parts / tapes, both single-sided and double sided, to suit the specifications and requirement of the customers. We have a adhesive coating line and lamination facility for transfer Tapes, to coat adhesive on substrates with specific properties of adhesives, on different types of foam. We also provide foam parts in standard as well as kiss-cut format.


Foam parts e.g

Foam/Felt parts & gaskets for Automobile, HVAC equipments, Consumer durable products, using different types of foams like, EPDM/XLPE/EP/PU/Reticulated PU/Silicon/Nitrile/PVC /Neoprene etc, in standard as well as Kiss-cut format. We are also offering wide range of adhesives e.g. high /low temp, high peel strength, standard/with scrim and variety of platinum coated paper and filmic liners. Our products are tested as per PSTC 101 (Pressure Sensitive Tape Council- USA)


Kiss-cut foam components

Foam is cut through material and adhesive, but not through fabrication liner is called kiss-cutting. Kiss-cut parts are used for easy removal of single parts on customer assembly line systems. Material can be processed at high rates of speed. Kiss-cut components possess ability to custom laminate various material substrates together thus saving time and are relatively quick and easy to apply. Depth of the cut can be controlled very precisely.

Useful method for high volume applications as process is carried out in combination with other processes. Per piece part cost is less in this process. Multiple numbers of components can be placed on release liner with help of adhesive. Applications include acoustical insulation, electronics and electrical industry, HVAC and industrial sealing, automotive industry, etc


Foam Tapes (single side)

Single-sided adhesive foam tapes allow bonding to a surface or joining of two adjacent or overlapping materials. Single sided foam tapes are usually coated with acrylic or rubber adhesive. Applications include control panel doors, AHU’s, Ducts etc. usually comes in 10 Meter length, in required width and required foam, EPDM/Neoprene/XLPE/PU etc.

This product provides good firmness and thickness which enables durable, long term performance for gasketing, sealing and cushioning. It possesses excellent chemical resistance, good weather ability and water-seal tightness. Resists low compression stress and will not deform the structure after application as it conforms rough surfaces and gaps. The use of gaskets provides excellent vibration dampening and high impact absorption. It provides resistance against UV attack and provides resilience to withstand high temperatures. These properties are achieved by selecting right type of foam and adhesive.


Foam Tapes (Double-Side)

Double-sided adhesive foam tapes having adhesive on both sides allow joining of two items back-to-back. Double sided foam tapes made from medium density cross linked PE/EVA foam or EPDM foam. Foam is used as base material and high performance adhesive coating on both side is done and is provided with release paper or film. Applications include structural glazing, industrial equipments, etc.

(B) HVAC Solutions

We at Megatrend Fabcon Private Limited provide customized foam based HVAC (Heating, Ventilations and Air Conditioning) solutions for different application as per customer specifications and requirements. Our range of applications are given as below


Self-Adhesive plain foams for duct insulation (EPDM / Nitrile/ XLPE/ EP etc):

Insulation foam needs to be fixed on metal ducts in central A.C. system. Insulation fixing on site is a challenging task. The process involves cutting the foam in to required length and width, application of solvent based adhesive on both the surfaces (foam and duct) with the help of brush and then fixing the same on duct after the solvent gets dried. Modern countries use self-adhesive baked foams for duct insulation. The same result in saving in labour cost, speedy execution of work, reduces risk of fire due to use of highly flammable solvent based adhesive and human fatigueless. Workmanship of the job is better as the adhesive is uniformly coated on entire surface. The adhesive backed foams are also very useful in insulation of perforated metal false ceiling

For large size HVAC project the same is very useful as you get assured delivery and consistent quality of material in large quantity. The same is possible due to mechanized coating process and higher productivity at site. The same can be offered in two formats:

a. Pre-cut insulation foam pieces duly adhesive baked in accurate dimensions as per duct design. (Saves on wastage, improves productivity but cut piece sizes needs to perfectly determined)
b. Standard roll duly adhesive baked.


Fiber- glass cloth laminated foams

In certain HVAC projects, insulation foam with glass fiber cloth lamination is required, basically to improve the mechanical strength of the insulation and prevent scratching of foam by birds or human to maintain the integrity of foam. Reinforced glass fiber will be unaffected by water, solvents and paints. Special surface treatment is also available for UV protection, which allows high strength bonds without compromising strength of glass fiber fillers. Light weight and robust material provides better acoustic insulation and it is available in natural or black colour. It provides immense bulk strength and durability to the foam.

Aluminum Foil backed foam with or without adhesive backing.

Aluminum foil laminated foam provides good thermal resistance and adds mechanical strength to insulation system. Aluminum foil works as a resistance to dust, oils, solvents and fluids and is also useful for preventing piecing of foam by birds on site. Easy to cut and maintains long service life by providing additional strength. It also regulates the room temperature and do not absorb liquids. The joins and edges can be sealed with matching self adhesive aluminum foil. The same can be provided in self –adhesive foam also.

Nitrile / EPDM foam Insulation tapes

During insulation foam fixing on ducts or on pipe, a small gap is created at every joint, to prevent energy loss from the gap, 2” /3 “ wide self-adhesive Nitrile or EPDM foam tape, in 3 mm Thickness, is widely used by HVAC contractors. It is also used to wrap it on Cold or hot piping and fittings. It is excellent for preventing condensation on chilled water and refrigeration piping system. This self adhesive tape firmly adheres on all metals due to use of high performance acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive..